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The BEST 18th Episode Ever : Enneagram Enneone?

Hey BBCE friends!!

This is our second week discussing the book "The Road Back to You" by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. This week, we rated the book and shared ideas for hosting a "The Road Back to You" themed book club. Then we discussed each of our type's wings, stress & security paths & how we have seen our type's behaviors help and hinder our relationships. We ended with a big, gushy LOVE FEST! We shared how we have each been blessed by one another's beautiful & unique personalities.

This book got FOUR THUMBS UP!!

*Grading Scale

A - All Good

B - Better than most

C - Could have been better

D - Disappointing

F - Failure on all levels

Ratings for this book

Sarah - A (changed it to B or C but not really)

Holly - C (changed to B ... really)

Mandy - B

Katie - B (changed to A but not really)

Ideas for hosting a book club for The Road Back to You

Location - For a 3 - the hottest new restaurant; For a 2 - In someone’s home, the more intimate the better; For a 5 - over Zoom, keep it short; For a 9 - outdoors if possible or a small, quiet coffee shop Activity - Get in touch with your inner self and do some meditation/mindfulness exercises

Décor - Flowers to represent each type

Attire - Wear your favorite outfit or an enneagram themed t-shirt like Sarah and Mandy’s shirts

Favor - Something that represents each member’s enneagram type or something that reminds you of them. Mugs from the Etsy shop BeingSarahDixon

Food - Each person bring their favorite dish or have a 7 help you pick something fun and new to try

Music - Each person share their favorite song/ make a playlist for your type on Spotify : (Katie's Type 9 Playlist) or the songs written for each type by Sleeping At Last

Favorite quotes from the book

Accepting one’s self does not preclude and attempt to become better.” Flannery O’Connor

“The purpose of the Enneagram is to show us how we can release the paralyzing arthritic grip we’ve kept on old, self-defeating ways of living so we can open ourselves to experiencing more interior freedom and become our best selves.”

“The Enneagram should only be used to build others up and help them advance on their journey toward wholeness and God. Period.”

Show Notes

Beth McCord - Your Enneagram Coach

@yourenneagramcoach Enneagram Journals

Jen Hatmaker's "For the Love" podcast "For the Love of the Enneagram" series

Brene´ Brown "Unlocking Us" podcast "A Skeptic and a Teacher on the Enneagram and Spiritual Contemplation

Enneagram Institute

The Sacred Enneagram

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